Hire a Hiver

Hire a Hiver is a platform that connects talent seekers with Hive Helsinki's students. Our Hivers go through a rigorous coding education that grows them into world-class coders and problem-solvers.

Who are Hivers?

Hive Helsinki students are the next generation of world-class coders. They are people from all walks of life who have what it takes to solve complex problems.

Through peer-to-peer learning
By working closely with others, Hivers learn how to work in teams, manage their time, advance projects, communicate effectively and resolve conflicts.
Passionate & autonomous
Through rigorous selection and studies
Hivers need to love what they do and demonstrate a high level of curiosity and determination. They enjoy being challenged and can be quite resourceful.
Creative problem solvers
Through learning by doing
Starting with the C language, our Hivers are trained to approach challenges creatively and devise their own solutions from the very beginning.
Through diversity
Hivers can integrate into any company due to their ability of working in teams and with people of different levels and backgrounds. They learn fast and easily adopt new technologies.
Through attention to detail
Hivers can understand a problem on a big picture level while also having great attention to detail. They understand a software needs to function 100% and will strive for that no matter what.

Why Hire a Hiver?

people comunicating
Build your employer brand among next-generation tech talent
Post job opportunities to Hivers directly
people comunicating
Connect with ready-to-be-hired students